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“Thank you for listening to the radio” is the association that brings together all French-speaking Belgian radio stations. It’s their goal to develop the audience of the radio stations on all digital platforms. In order to realize this goal, they have launched two initiatives: and the promotion of DAB+ technology.


In the light of a campaign to be distributed in May 2020 on all partner radios, commissioned Nonante Cinq to propose a creative idea to be developed in the form of a radio & TV spot. In total, we produced more than 10 different audio spots, highlighting the radio medium and its 3,500,000 weekly French-speaking Belgian listeners.


This collaboration was broadcasted on all French-speaking radio stations of the country: Radio Contact, Bel RTL, NRJ, Nostalgie, Fun Radio, Classic 21, Pure, La Première, Vivacité, Musiq3, DH Radio but also Antipode, Sud Radio, Must FM, and Maximum FM.